5 Ways SAP HANA Works Best with HPE

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With the introduction of its original SAP R/2 and SAP R/3 software, SAP established the global standard for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Now, SAP HANA takes ERP to the next level by using the power of in-memory computing to process vast amounts of data and to support advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. But with several certified hardware vendors and cloud solutions providers, choosing the right SAP HANA partner may become overwhelming. With dedicated people, a complete portfolio of SAP–optimized services and solutions, committed co-innovation, and a proven business model, HPE and SAP deliver what you need for a successful IT transformation journey.  

5 advantages of choosing HPE for SAP HANA services

Leveraging an extensive portfolio of assets, Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) combines the right-fit infrastructure, software, and services to create an integrated Digital Core that Simplifies and consolidates your IT landscapes and applications, reinvents competitive business models to drive new revenue and profits, and Provides real-time insights into all your business processes to reveal new opportunities. Whether you are upgrading your on-premise SAP or opting for cloud migration service or just refreshing your SAP infrastructure with the decision on version to be decided later, here are 5 key reasons why HPE is your best partner for SAP HANA.

  1. Higher levels of RAS: Our x86 solution is greatly enhanced by the unique RAS features of HPE Superdome flex, making it the best-in-class, unlike those found in other x86 servers. Servers designed with higher levels of RAS have features that protect data integrity and help them stay available for long periods of time without failure. HPE Superdome Flex Server is a compute breakthrough that can power critical applications, accelerate data analytics, and tackle high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads holistically. It delivers an unmatched combination of flexibility, performance, and reliability for critical environments of any size. HPE Superdome Flex safeguards these vital workloads with superior RAS and end-to-end security.
  2. Scalability: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Superdome Flex Scale-up with D3710 Storage Base Configurations for SAP HANA is built with the industry-leading high-density and highly scalable HPE Server featuring the Intel Xeon Scalable Processor (Skylake Platinum) architecture. This allows SAP customers to harness the power of in-memory computing with SAP HANA applications for real-time business results, delivered on a mission-critical, optimized, and high-performance infrastructure. Today, HPE is the only hardware vendor with a certified 16-socket solution for SAP HANA using the Skylake architecture. 

  3. The Intel – SAP HANA chemistry: Intel processors and the SAP HANA platform have evolved together in the sense that Intel provided the original reference architecture for the SAP HANA platform. That synergy is still strong today, making it the most widely deployed processor for SAP HANA by a great margin

  4. Covers Maximum SAP HANA Services with Impeccable After Sales Support: HPE has an impeccable track record of implementing and supporting SAP HANA solutions. Hundreds of HPE SAP HANA experts are available to help customers design, modernize, and implement system solutions tailored to their needs. With advanced expertise and end-to-end ownership, HPE support services offer an enhanced call experience which improves availability and helps optimize your SAP HANA infrastructure

  5. Maximum SAP HANA offerings: HPE provides the most exhaustive portfolio of HANA solutions that range from certified appliances to custom TDI solutions, using a large variety of certified or supported compute and storage solutions for the most demanding HANA needs. In terms of storage, our list of HANA certified choices are plenty as well, from entry-level MSA solutions, unique Nimble All-flash and Hybrid offering, all the way to our very scalable 3PAR and XP product lines.

If you are looking for upgrading your on-premise SAP or migrating to the cloud or just refreshing your SAP infrastructure with the decision on a version to be decided later, Unique Solutions can roadmap your infrastructure journey to achieve the most impactful results across compute, storage, networking, and security. ‘Unique solutions’ is an authorized HPE partner. We combine best-in-class expertise and strong customer orientation to provide all-round SAP BASIS support that helps you get more from your SAP landscape. Contact Unique Solutions, today.