Cloud is Ready for You.
Are You Ready for Cloud?

Cloud is the bedrock of digital technologies.

For enterprises embarking upon digital transformation, the question is not whether, but when, to embrace cloud computing.

Cloud provides a faster, better and cheaper way for enterprises to launch new products and services, expand into new markets, widen and deepen engagement with customers and other stakeholders and improve employee productivity. Winners use cloud infrastructure to transform their existing way of working and create new systems and processes.

Having said that, the move to cloud is anything but straightforward. According to CIO magazine, β€œCIOs assert that they don't care as much about how a vendor

delivers the service, and instead they want to know that the required infrastructure deployment change offers the business an advantage.”

While the potential of cloud computing to support growth and cut costs is promising, IT departments are concerned about the implications of the move on flexibility, security and vendor lock-in.

What smart enterprises need is a partner who can understand their IT landscape, appreciate the repercussions of moving to the cloud and provide objective guidance on their cloud journey.

Enter Unique Solutions.

We have partnered with Microsoft Azure, Net4Magic, YOTTA and other leading cloud infrastructure solution providers to provide the following solutions:
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Identify best candidate applications to be moved to the cloud
  • Design the most optimum cloud computing architecture
  • Size the cloud infrastructure requirements for diverse workloads
  • Provision and set up computing, storage, backup, security infrastructure on the chosen cloud solutions platform
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Partnerships with marquee IaaS and PaaS brands e.g. Microsoft Azure, Net4Magic, YOTTA
  • Tool-based approach for scalability and repeatability e.g. HPE Right Mix Advisor for cloud readiness assessment and best candidate identification
  • Virtually infinite scalability
  • Pay per use pricing model
  • Anywhere-Anytime accessibility
  • Inbuilt resilience with no single point of failure
  • Enhanced agility