Strike The Right Tradeoff Between
Safety And Customer Experience

The hallmark of digital transformation is digitalization of edge workflows and making them available on demand on 24*7*365 basis

As the enterprise network spreads far and wide to support this bedrock of successful digital transformation, it presents an ever-expanding attack surface for hackers and malware. Widespread use of web and mobile applications combined with round-the-clock operations expose your company to attacks all the time from all corners of the planet. The increasing use of hybrid IT brings with it a host of threat vectors caused by misconfiguration and incorrect programming practices.

Enterprises need advanced security to protect their IT landscape so that bad actors don’t cripple their operations.

At the same time, you wouldn’t want overzealous security to create friction in the applications used by your employees, consumers, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

In the digital era, what you need is someone who can help you walk the tightrope between security on the one side and productivity and convenience on the other.

Enter Unique Solutions.

We partner with Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, CISCO, McAfee, Trend Micro and other leading security solutions providers to provide a wide range of next generation threat protection solutions that are geared to securing physical and virtual servers, multi-tiered architectures, private and public cloud applications and other elements of complex, modern IT infrastructures. Our highly trained and experienced network security specialists can help you detect and thwart security attacks proactively, protect digitally transformed IT infrastructure and differentiate yourselves with cutting edge technologies like Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems, Advanced Anti-Malware, and Next Gen Firewalls.

Our solutions comprise:
  • End point security e.g. securing desktop, laptop and mobile devices, antivirus software
  • Date center security e.g. firewall, network access control, regulatory compliance, identify malware and other security threat vectors, vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Application security e.g. access rights management, administration policy
  • Data security e.g. backup policy, encryption, data protection compliance
  • Site security e.g. disaster recovery site, business continuity
  • Predictive security e.g. threat database, anticipate future attacks


Deep expertise in conducting Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. See sample reports shown below.

Vulnerability Assessment Report

Penetration Testing Report

  • Improve uptime of your IT applications by lowering threats and increasing response to threat vectors
  • Reduce downtime costs
  • Ensure regulatory compliance