HPE GreenLake Management Services

Digital technologies like cloud, analytics, mobile and social have transformed the IT organization from one that delivers IT systems to one that provides IT services, from one that is focused on IT agility to one that fosters business agility, and from one that generates information to one that drives innovation.

Apart from the qualitative change driven by digital transformation, the sheer volume of workload on the IT organization has also exploded, thanks to digitalization of edge workflows, support for multiple devices and a massive increase in the number of users.

IT is now tasked not only with keeping the lights on but making sure that the lights glow in the right color and with the right illumination.

This has created entirely new demands on the IT organization.

Some companies have responded to it by staffing up their IT organization. But that can be time-consuming, costly and could leave little time for innovation.

Others have outsourced their IT to a partner or the cloud, thus transferring the onus of delivering the right performance to somebody else. This can simplify IT operations but it also means work is done on someone else’s terms. You lose control of compliance, privacy, latency, user experience and other critical factors of "keeping it running".

Enter HPE Adaptive Management Services with Unique Solutions.

HPE Adaptive Management Services is a new approach, a collaborative partnership, where you maintain ownership of the IT strategy and Unique Solutions / HPE experts execute operations under your control.

With HPE Adaptive Management Services, you can leverage the skills, people, and processes of HPE’s global Operations Centers to monitor and operate your infrastructure and applications. HPE Adaptive Management Services enables you to focus on strategic initiatives by allowing our team to take on routine infrastructure tasks and simplify the complexity for you.

HPE Adaptive Management Services is made up of a large catalog of services so that you can augment the IT organization’s capabilities to operate your entire data center or specific environments within it (e.g., SAP HANA® environment) or focus on certain layers of the infrastructure (e.g., storage operations). It’s your choice.

HPE Adaptive Management Services leverages HPE’s best practices for operating on-premises IT environment by delivering 24x7 Monitor, Operate, and Administration Services. The framework addresses the operational challenges through the service operations stage of the infrastructure, covering servers, storage, networking, hypervisor, backup/restore, and security, as well as middleware and applications for both HPE and selected non-HPE assets.

HPE's operations centers are available 24x7 to facilitate that efficiency is achieved by following industry standards, tools, and best practices, e.g., IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®), ISO certifications for quality (ISO 9001:2015), security (ISO 27001:2017), and business continuity (ISO 22301:2012).

  • Total control and flexibility
  • Enhance and extend IT
  • Cost saving and improved efficiency
  • Next gen capability and experience
  • Continuous improvement