What are the key Benefits of Remote Infrastructure Management

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A well-managed IT infrastructure forms the cornerstone of businesses looking forward to drive business growth. Complex and often uncertain, the task of managing IT becomes even more challenging when IT infrastructures are heterogeneous, multi-centered and constantly evolving.

Business leaders today are therefore, proactively seeking efficient, stable and resilient methods that can meet their unique requirements and maximize their returns. Remote infrastructure management (RIM) is one of the solutions that offer promising results and minimal hassles. It supports your company’s core business and mission-critical processes, and simultaneously helps you leverage the latest technology innovations at minimized costs.

RIM is the process of managing the IT infrastructure of an organization, entirely or in parts, from a remote location. With RIM you get to enjoy a complete package of infrastructure services including a range of remedial measures that performs without disrupting business operations.

RIM delivers an exhaustive range of benefits, the major being enhanced coordination and ease of maintenance of IT systems from a remote location. Additionally, when RIM services are linked to the orchestration of cloud solutions and other resources they lead to excellence in performance. This is because scarce technical and human resources are primarily focused on the most business-critical services.

For better understanding, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits that businesses can avail of RIM.

5 Reasons Why RIM is Gaining Ground across Industries

  • Reduced IT management & Administration cost: The ability to maintain lower operational cost across value creation process is critical to achieving competitive advantage.  With Remote Infrastructure Management, the businesses can mitigate their expenses of setting up separate on-site IT department, employing extra staff, augmenting the additional power supply and more. If you have a business that is spread across different regions and time-zones, a reliable RIM vendor is the best choice as it will deal with the stress and expense of your remote work in the best possible way.
  • Flexibility with Outsourcing: You enjoy the flexibility of accessing individualized services depending on your specific business requirements. This means you can choose between services that you want to outsource and the ones you plan to keep on-site.
  • Around the clock service: IT infrastructures at times can witness malfunctioning or even breakdowns. In such a scenario immediate corrective measures is imperative to ensure things do not go out of control. Most RIM vendors deploy a dedicated team to monitor the IT environment round the clock. This means you get the seamless tech support, maintenance services and faster data around the clock.
  • Improved Uptime: As RIM services reduce your reliance on on-site IT resources; your business is likely to benefit from better system availability and improved uptime. Moreover, RIM vendors provide high standard equipment, technicians & management expertise that ensure smooth and uninterrupted service. They even tie up with other strategic service providers to integrate the latest technologies. This amassing of advanced technologies & top-notch equipment coupled with 24X7 support of experts bring the benefits of unparalleled network redundancy and uptime.                 
  • Optimized productivity: The process of framing a custom RIM solution begins with comprehensive infrastructure evaluation by your RIM vendor. The vast information collected becomes the source to identify and resolve various issues in your existing IT management process. As a result, you get an opportunity to improve performance and optimize your business operations for better results.

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  • End-to-end visibility into service lifecycle and performance metrics
  • Partnership approach in asset and vendor inventorying, capacity planning, and other activities