Connect EverythingTMNetworking

Digital transformation goes well beyond computerization.

Merely computerizing your existing paper processes delivers substandard solutions. At best, the new system matches the paper-based process but lacks intelligence or personalization. At worst, the new system is so cumbersome that it drives users back to the old paper-based process.

True digital transformation is the combination of the latest in social, mobility, analytics and cloud technologies with best practices in UI, UX and CX to deliver cutting edge solutions that elevate revenue, profits and customer experience to the next level.

Key to successful digital transformation is digitalization of edge workflows that have remained manual even after the company implemented ERP, CRM, Core Banking and other enterprise applications. We can find examples of manual activities in the last mile areas in departments like time office, visitor gate pass, warehouse pick and pack, goods receipting, truck dispatch, attendance recording, conference room booking, help desk, and so on.

By digitalizing their edge processes, enterprises gain the next level of benefits of true digital transformation by way of streamlined operations, reduced costs and improved customer experience.

But to get there, they need to Connect EverythingTM.

Enter Unique Solutions.

We empower enterprises in their digital transformation journeys with networks that

  • Connect the shop floor, sensors, branches, overseas offices, social networks, and every far recess of the company
  • Can operate in extreme ambient conditions of temperature and dust
  • Are extremely reliable, which is critical since network outages can cripple a company’s operations in the absence of manual processes, and
  • Are extremely secure, thereby protecting applications from ever-growing attack surface presented by networks spreading farther and wider than ever before.

As a certified networking partner of HPE Aruba, Cisco, Extreme and other l eading OEMs, Unique Solutions provides a comprehensive range of unified network products and services to keep your enterprise network secure and humming along 24/7/365.

Our solutions span Campus Networking, Datacenter Networking and Small Business Networking and include the following networking solutions from leading brands:
Wireless Access points and controllers
Structured cabling
Software defined networking
Network automation, analytics and management
Our Services Include
  • LAN and WAN network design with accent on increasing agility, improving business process and reducing network management cost
  • Supply and installation of networking hardware and software
  • Implementation and configuration of programmable intent-based network infrastructure
  • Wired and wireless role based end point access control
  • Traffic management and other mundane ongoing network management activities designed to free up your teams for regulatory compliance and value-added work.