What is ArubaOS and How Does it Take Campus Networking to the Next Level

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For the most part, IT leadership has always been about delivering & maintaining seamless - wired and wireless connectivity. But today, with growing complexity in the technology landscape, the IT department needs to evolve its thought process to include mobility and IoT. Aruba, an HPE company, introduced the Mobile-First Platform, addressing these new challenges that businesses and IT leaders are facing. The Aruba Mobile First Architecture allows organizations to gracefully transition their existing network to a software-defined enterprise, enabling new features and functionality while supporting legacy systems. ArubaOS 8 is an intelligent and programmable software layer between the network infrastructure components, third-party IT services, and end-user applications. ArubaOS 8 allows businesses and their customers to deliver insights and bring automation to their workplace. 

The Aruba Campus networking is designed to allow people on the move to stay connected, securely separate employee traffic from guest traffic and to allow enterprises to innovate without being tied to a wired infrastructure. It combines the best wireless and switching products to create a high performance, secure and resilient campus network that is ready to support mobility and IoT devices, as well as end-to-end network management with multi-vendor access control. Campus networks can now take full advantage of technologies the server infrastructure has been using for years.

Features you get with the Aruba Mobile First Platform

The Aruba networking architecture for the software-defined enterprise is designed to be mobile first, and it delivers a network that is open, secure, and autonomous. 

  • 1. Mobile First: The mobile first feature allows users to connect and join an enterprise network under the same policy & permissions irrespective of the mode of connection viz. wired or wireless. This provides an uninterrupted network experience in case of connecting mobile devices, IoT and Clouds on a mission critical operation.
  • 2. Multi-vendor connectivity: The Aruba OS supports open standards and provides easy multi-vendor connectivity. This enables easy integration and automation of end-to-end network by IT, line of business, and even users. 
  • 3. Provides network security at multiple layers:  Aruba secures the wired and wireless infrastructure with signed code, secure boot and cryptographic hardware protection. User data is protected with strong encryption and per-user level policy, both granting appropriate access and protecting devices from threats.
  • 4. Autonomy: Machine learning uses massive amounts of analytics data in order to understand the operational and security state of the network. Automated systems optimize performance and alert administrators of changes or highlight potential changes that require acceptance via on-premise and cloud-managed network operations.

An open, multivendor network infrastructure not only allows organizations to innovate at their pace and not become locked-in to a single vendor solution but also leverage their existing investments. Security built in at all layers in the network protects infrastructure, users, and devices from existing and emerging threats from the outside and inside. Intelligent use of analytics by administrators and machine-learning based automation provides network assurance and begins the shift to a “self driving” network where IT maintains the infrastructure and policy and users provision services dynamically. 

The Aruba Campus design provides a prescriptive solution, based on best practices and tested topologies allowing you to build a robust network that fulfils your organization’s requirements. As a  HPE partner we design and implement solutions using Aruba and also by using other leading brands like  Cisco. Unique Solutions provides a comprehensive range of unified network products and services to keep your enterprise network secure and humming along 24/7/365. Our solutions span Campus Networking, Datacenter Networking and Small Business Networking or branch networking. For derails Contact us, today!