Digital Raises The Stature Of Infrastructure
From Table Stakes to High Stakes!

Gone are the days when humans were the primary interface of a company with its customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders, and IT performed a supporting role.

In today’s world, Digital is the Enterprise. Technology is how stakeholders primarily interact with a new-age digital enterprise.

A truly digital business covers workflows at the edge of the enterprise, performs at peak efficiency amidst unpredictable loads, handles massive data volumes, is available on demand and works 24*7*365.

Infrastructure is no longer tablestakes. Infrastructure has become High Stakes.

Enter Unique Solutions – your trusted advisor for digital transformation infrastructure.

Enterprises poised to make the leap to digital are grappling with several questions and challenges related to the various facets of infrastructure.

Unique Solutions answers those questions and helps them overcome those challenges by providing the right advice on choice of architecture, products and specifications. We do this in a way that future-proofs your new investments as also protects your existing investments.

While digital enterprises are valued highly by markets, digital transformation does not guarantee greater revenues or profits. Running a digital enterprise sustainably still requires human intellect.

That’s where our digital transformation infrastructure advisory solutions enter the picture.

Our infrastructure solutions will be high quality solutions yet cost-effective, so that your digital transformation journey does not come at the cost of your revenues and profits.

We provide guidance on following areas of digital transformation infrastructure:
Infra for Digital Transformation
  • We will assess your existing IT landscapes, workloads and volumes, as well as your future plans in order to guide you with the most cost-effective and future proof deployment architecture, be it Public Cloud or Private Cloud or Hybrid IT.
Infra for Digital Scale
  • Digital spreads to all corners of an enterprise. This generates massive data exhaust. But adding storage indefinitely is not the solution. We will combine our knowledge in AI and expertise with deduplication technologies to deliver the most optimized storage architecture that supports digital scale without breaking the bank.
Infra for On Demand
  • On Demand is the key attribute of digital. Accordingly, our solutions will be designed for high performance and low latency.
Infra for Always On
  • We will design your infrastructure such that it is secure, has high uptime and is fully backed up so that your systems can recover quickly even after a Black Swan event. In this pursuit, we will go beyond the usual costly solutions to recommend highly cost-effective tools that ensure that your infrastructure is always on.
Infra for SAP HANA
  • Because it has made several paradigm shifts in the way data is stored and accessed, SAP HANA is widely believed to be closer to supercomputing than plain-vanilla computing. Accordingly, its infrastructure design and deployment requires extremely sophisticated skills. Whether you are upgrading your on-premise SAP or migrating to the cloud or refreshing your SAP infrastructure, Unique Solutions will help you achieve the most impactful results across all areas of infrastructure.

If you’re looking for a trusted advisor to guide you on the infrastructure needs for your digital transformation journey, No look further than Unique Solutions!