Pay Per Use is Good.
But Predictability Is Better.

When you're small, you're worried about every bit of outflow. Pay per use sounds great. But, as you grow, you reach a certain stage when predictable outflows become more important. Especially when the actual outflow has jumped to 3X of what it was merely years ago.

What fast-growing startups and enterprises alike need is a predictable cost from month to month and year to year.

HPE Greenlake is their answer.

The latest Infrastructure as a Service offering from HPE combines the advantages of public cloud like agility and flexibility with the advantages of private cloud like security, control over assets and predictable cost. HPE Greenlake operates in a fully opex model, which releases precious capital for branding, customer acquisition, operations, and other strategic areas of your company.

Unique Solutions offers the following services around HPE Greenlake:
  • Assessment of IT landscape and workloads with a view to identifying best apps to be migrated to HPE Greenlake
  • Estimating the sizing of computing, storage, networking, security, data protection, and other elements of infrastructure
  • Setting up HPE Greenlake for your specific workloads
  • Operation of your workload on HPE Greenlake
  • Support and maintenance
  • "Cloud-like" experience Pay as per consumption
  • Operated by HPE & Unique Solutions
  • Scalable
  • Under your control
  • Agile
  • Data privacy & protection
  • Capacity ahead of Demand
  • Legal compliance
  • Faster deployment
  • Manage latency
  • Transparent and predictable cost