Meet the servers that have worked through earthquakes and tsunamis, stored footage of Avatar, learned Texas Hold 'Em and beaten some of the world's best poker players.

Businesses increasingly rely on IT to transform themselves digitally by stimulating innovation and race past rivals.Servers are the prime movers of digital transformation journeys, whether they’re installed on premise or deployed on private or public cloud infrastructure.

Since the nature of digital is often on-demand, real time performance and near complete uptime are extremely critical factors in the basic compute environment of digital transformation.

Unique Solutions offers a wide range of HPE servers for various workloads.

ProLiant: 10, 100, 300, 500 series

Synergy BladeSystem






Workload to Server Mapping

  • SAP : HPE Converged System 500, Synergy, DL300, DL500, HPE Service Guard Clustering Solution
  • Application Consolidation & VDI : HPE Simplivity, Nutanix
  • Containers : HPE Synergy, HPE DL300, DL500
  • CAD/CAM, High Performance Computing : Apollo, SGI
  • Enterprise Portal : HPE DL300
  • Core Banking : HPE Synergy, Non-Stop, Super dome
  • Mail Server : HPE DL300, DL500
  • Analytics, AI : HPE Apollo, SGI
  • Virtualization : HPE Simplivity, HPE Synergy
  • Internet of Things : HPE Edgeline Systems

Our Services Include

  • Understanding your workloads
  • Solution Architecting
  • Sizing
  • Selecting workload specific platform
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Warranty Support