Get More Bang For Your Infrastructure Buck

The most immediate impact of digital transformation is an explosion in data volumes. When you hailed a yellow cab, there was virtually no record of that journey anywhere. Whereas, when you take an Uber or Ola cab today, your entire route map is stored for eternity. Just imagine the amount of data exhaust that creates – and the need for storage that triggers.

Closer to the shop floor, Internet of Things technology uses scores of sensors to measure temperature, vibration, dust level and dozens of other parameters in the production facility. And repeats the readings every hour, if not few minutes. This creates a huge demand for storage.

Apart from this, there are growing demands on storage from traditional workloads like office automation, mail server, calendar and other workgroup applications through to ERP, CRM, CAD/CAM and other enterprise applications.

With everything going digital, the cost of downtime has skyrocketed. A high performant storage solution needs to be complemented with a reliable backup system.

Our Enterprise Storage products and solutions span All-Flash and Hybrid Storage, Data Protection and Archive Storage, File-based Storage, and Storage Networking. Some of them also include intelligence to make them smarter and easier to use.

Unique Solutions offers the following HPE storage and backup solutions:






StoreOnce Disk to Disk Backup Solutions

Tape Backup Solutions