Get More Bang For Your Infrastructure Buck

Modern enterprises have dozens of servers, probably one each for Mail Server, File Server, Financial Accounting software, Inventory Management application, and so on. CIOs know that, with almost all of them working at around 20% capacity, there’s so much idle capacity lying around.

Still when a new application needs to be launched, their infra teams ask for 4-6 weeks to provision the required infrastructure.

If only there was a way to abstract the unused capacity from each of their existing servers and spin up a new server instance on demand. It will help CIOs innovate quickly and cheaply, test new digital products and services ideas in the market, refine them, and release them on a regular basis, thereby giving you tremendous competitive advantage.

There is.

Welcome to Virtualization.

According to Gartner,, Virtualization is the abstraction of IT resources that masks the physical nature and boundaries of those resources from resource users. An IT resource can be a server, a client, storage, networks, applications or OSs. Essentially, any IT building block can potentially be abstracted from resource users.

Server Virtualization

How Virtualization maximizes the use of hardware

Unique Solutions offers the following services in Virtualization
  • Inventory of your existing landscape and workloads
  • Identify consolidation opportunities
  • Evaluate virtualization platform for workloads e.g. VMware, Microsoft HyperV, SuSEKVM
  • Sizing of new host(s)
  • Supply and installation of new host along with operating system and hypervisor
  • Configure virtual machines on new host
Why Unique Solutions
  • Partnership approach in landscape and workloads inventorying, consolidation opportunity identification, sizing, and other activities
  • Deep expertise in VMWare, SuSE and Microsoft Hypervisors
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership of server, storage, network and other infrastructure
  • Gain competitive advantage by accelerating speed-to-market of new applications for which infrastructure can be provisioned on demand
  • Reduce administration costs by monitoring and managing your entire server, storage and network estate from a single, central console
  • Improve agility by trying out new applications, features and tests on demand and, if they fail, discontinue them and release IT infrastructure back to pool on demand

Success Stories

  • Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation
  • Sudarshan Chemical Industries
  • SANY Heavy Industries
  • Sindhudurg Central District Co-operative Bank