Extraordinary Care For Your
Critical Infrastructure.

As an enterprise embarking upon digital transformation, you have purchased high performance and robust infrastructure, got it installed, tested and operationalized.


But you know that the real digital transformation journey has just begun.

Successful digital transformation requires your infrastructure to be performant and available 24*7*365.

Unique Solutions offers HPE DATA CENTER CARE (HPE DCC) to help you in that pursuit.

HPE DCC includes a bundle of services that modernise and simplify IT operations for the data centre of the future. HPE DCC will help deliver a unified infrastructure governance experience regardless of the varying terms and conditions and SLAs of the multiple infra vendors dotting your IT landscape.

As a long-time leader in personalised support services, HPE Datacentre Care offers relationship-based support, including an assigned account support team for HPE and other technologies. When you have specific IT and business needs, advantage options for HPE Datacentre Care give you expert analysis, assistance migrating from the edge to the cloud, and specialists to assess and tune your IT – mitigating risk, managing security and staying at peak performance.

HPE DCC offers the following advantages over the standard support package offered by Unique Solutions the leading HPE Partner:
  • Bypass Level 1 and access Level 2 support directly
  • Dedicated account support team to provide single point of contact for all support and maintenance issues
  • Site visit by account support manager at agreed frequency
  • Proactively identify and recommend steps to prevent potential performance bottlenecks
  • Maintain system hygiene viz. proactive guidance regarding and timely application of firmware, updates and patches
  • Log analysis and predictive maintenance
  • Service delivery personalized to your company’s operating style.

With HPE DCC, Unique Solutions helps you focus on your business, not the day to day mundane tasks, by leaning on one partner for expert help when you need it.