Container as a Service

Containers were originally promoted by engineers as a new way to run massively scalable assemblage of microservices in a cloud native world. But now they are seeing their adoption being pushed by infrastructure and operations teams as a tool to help developers to modernize existing applications as well as host new cloud-native applications (Source: Gartner).

Modernize existing applications

Organizations that took an early lead in adopting technology to bolster their business have reaped rich rewards from several generations of hardware, operating system, database and programming languages. While some of them have become hard to maintain, long time users of technology can’t wish away their legacy applications. But, thanks to containerization technologies, that doesn’t stop them from transforming their legacy applications for the digital era. Kubernetes and other leading container technologies enable development teams to wrap old legacy code inside a modern shell and run them as services regardless of the eventual operating environment. Containers are a solution to the problem of how to get software to run reliably when moved from one computing environment to another.

New Cloud native applications

It almost goes without saying that new cloud-native applications would be developed by making full use of containerization technologies. Of course, that still leaves companies with the question of how these new apps will interface with existing and legacy systems dotting their IT landscape. Containerization can help here.

Virtualization vs Containerization

Machine Virtualization


Unique Solutions will deliver key features of Containerization as below:
  • Workload Scheduling
  • Application Scaling
  • Non-disruptive Rollout/Rollback
  • Health Monitoring and Management
  • Service discovery and load balancing
Unique Solutions provides containerization solutions in Kubernetes, Docker and other leading container platforms on all popular Linux environments. Our services include:
  • Creation of container adoption roadmap according to Gartner methodology viz. objectives, change management, infrastructure automation proficiency, select best candidate applications for containerization, security policy
  • Evaluation of compute, storage and networking platforms based on your container workload pattern
  • Delivery and installation of container solution
  • Set up and configuration
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Capabilities : Please get in touch with us for the hands on demo or POC to explore Container as a service.