Meet the servers that have worked through earthquakes and tsunamis, stored footage of Avatar, learned Texas Hold 'Em and beaten some of the world's best poker players.

Businesses increasingly rely on IT to transform themselves digitally by stimulating innovation and race past rivals.Servers are the prime movers of digital transformation journeys, whether they’re installed on premise or deployed on private or public cloud infrastructure.

Since the nature of digital is often on-demand, real time performance and near complete uptime are extremely critical factors in the basic compute environment of digital transformation.

Unique Solutions offers a wide range of HPE servers for various workloads.

ProLiant: 10, 100, 300, 500 series

Synergy BladeSystem






Workload to Server Mapping

  • SAP : HPE Converged System 500, Synergy, DL300, DL500, HPE Service Guard Clustering Solution
  • Application Consolidation & VDI : HPE Simplivity, Nutanix
  • Containers : HPE Synergy, HPE DL300, DL500
  • CAD/CAM, High Performance Computing : Apollo, SGI
  • Enterprise Portal : HPE DL300
  • Core Banking : HPE Synergy, Non-Stop, Super dome
  • Mail Server : HPE DL300, DL500
  • Analytics, AI : HPE Apollo, SGI
  • Virtualization : HPE Simplivity, HPE Synergy
  • Internet of Things : HPE Edgeline Systems

Our Services Include

  • Understanding your workloads
  • Solution Architecting
  • Sizing
  • Selecting workload specific platform
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Warranty Support


Get More Bang For Your Infrastructure Buck

The most immediate impact of digital transformation is an explosion in data volumes. When you hailed a yellow cab, there was virtually no record of that journey anywhere. Whereas, when you take an Uber or Ola cab today, your entire route map is stored for eternity. Just imagine the amount of data exhaust that creates – and the need for storage that triggers.

Closer to the shop floor, Internet of Things technology uses scores of sensors to measure temperature, vibration, dust level and dozens of other parameters in the production facility. And repeats the readings every hour, if not few minutes. This creates a huge demand for storage.

Apart from this, there are growing demands on storage from traditional workloads like office automation, mail server, calendar and other workgroup applications through to ERP, CRM, CAD/CAM and other enterprise applications.

With everything going digital, the cost of downtime has skyrocketed. A high performant storage solution needs to be complemented with a reliable backup system.

Our Enterprise Storage products and solutions span All-Flash and Hybrid Storage, Data Protection and Archive Storage, File-based Storage, and Storage Networking. Some of them also include intelligence to make them smarter and easier to use.

Unique Solutions offers the following HPE storage and backup solutions:






StoreOnce Disk to Disk Backup Solutions

Tape Backup Solutions

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

"Enterprise IT teams today are looking for ways to deliver on-premises IT services with the speed and operational efficiency of public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. A comprehensive enterprise cloud platform bridges the gap between traditional infrastructure and public cloud services – and hyperconvergence is at the core of an enterprise or hybrid cloud infrastructure."

On-premise infrastructure provides greater control. Public cloud provides greater speed and operational efficiency.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure provides the best of both worlds.

Legacy datacenters consist of separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays. Each infrastructure building block works in a separate silo, needs to be controlled by its own management software and requires dedicated resources. The 3-tier architecture helped infrastructure teams update individual modules without affecting layers amidst the explosion of the web in the 1990s.

But this architecture can’t keep up with IT needs in the current era of hybrid IT. It’s complex, unwieldy, doesn’t provide a firm foundation for DevOps, and can’t scale with the magnitude it used to.

Today, HCI is the infrastructure of choice for companies that want to stay competitive, drive innovation and agility, and ensure that their datacenters are cloud-ready.

HCI converges the entire datacenter stack, including compute, storage, networking, and virtualization. Complex and expensive legacy infrastructure is replaced by a platform running on turnkey, industry-standard servers that enable enterprises to start small and scale one node at a time. Software running on each server node distributes all operating functions across the cluster for superior performance and resilience. In this manner, HCI enables enterprises to create a cloudlike provisioning model while maintaining physical control of IT assets and data on-premises in the data center, remote site or branch office.

That said, HCI adoption is fueled by more than JUST "hybrid cloud enablement" and is gradually expanding to enabling edge environments, AI-based operations and secondary storage in HCI environments.

Unique Solutions provides HCI solutions from HPE, VMWare and Nutanix encompassing:
Identify best FIT IT landscapes for HCI
Solution Architecting
Supply and installation of HPE Simplivity, vSAN and Nutanix HCI infrastructure
Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Partnerships with HCI leaders HPE, VMWare and Nutanix
  • Trained and experienced HCI engineers
  • Reference customers for SAP and non-SAP applications
  • Badve Engineering case study (SAP)
  • Megafine Pharma case study (non-SAP)
Why Unique?
  • One of the very few HPE partners with proven capabilities and credentials in HCI for SAP and non-SAP environments
  • Turnkey infrastructure
  • Unprecedented flexibility with cloudlike provisioning with full on-premise control of IT assets and data
  • 100% software driven infrastructure
  • Superior performance and resilience
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Virtualization & Consolidation

Get More Bang For Your Infrastructure Buck

Modern enterprises have dozens of servers, probably one each for Mail Server, File Server, Financial Accounting software, Inventory Management application, and so on. CIOs know that, with almost all of them working at around 20% capacity, there’s so much idle capacity lying around.

Still when a new application needs to be launched, their infra teams ask for 4-6 weeks to provision the required infrastructure.

If only there was a way to abstract the unused capacity from each of their existing servers and spin up a new server instance on demand. It will help CIOs innovate quickly and cheaply, test new digital products and services ideas in the market, refine them, and release them on a regular basis, thereby giving you tremendous competitive advantage.

There is.

Welcome to Virtualization.

According to Gartner,, Virtualization is the abstraction of IT resources that masks the physical nature and boundaries of those resources from resource users. An IT resource can be a server, a client, storage, networks, applications or OSs. Essentially, any IT building block can potentially be abstracted from resource users.

Server Virtualization

How Virtualization maximizes the use of hardware

Unique Solutions offers the following services in Virtualization
  • Inventory of your existing landscape and workloads
  • Identify consolidation opportunities
  • Evaluate virtualization platform for workloads e.g. VMware, Microsoft HyperV, SuSEKVM
  • Sizing of new host(s)
  • Supply and installation of new host along with operating system and hypervisor
  • Configure virtual machines on new host
Why Unique Solutions
  • Partnership approach in landscape and workloads inventorying, consolidation opportunity identification, sizing, and other activities
  • Deep expertise in VMWare, SuSE and Microsoft Hypervisors
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership of server, storage, network and other infrastructure
  • Gain competitive advantage by accelerating speed-to-market of new applications for which infrastructure can be provisioned on demand
  • Reduce administration costs by monitoring and managing your entire server, storage and network estate from a single, central console
  • Improve agility by trying out new applications, features and tests on demand and, if they fail, discontinue them and release IT infrastructure back to pool on demand

Success Stories

  • Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation
  • Sudarshan Chemical Industries
  • SANY Heavy Industries
  • Sindhudurg Central District Co-operative Bank


Connect EverythingTMNetworking

Digital transformation goes well beyond computerization.

Merely computerizing your existing paper processes delivers substandard solutions. At best, the new system matches the paper-based process but lacks intelligence or personalization. At worst, the new system is so cumbersome that it drives users back to the old paper-based process.

True digital transformation is the combination of the latest in social, mobility, analytics and cloud technologies with best practices in UI, UX and CX to deliver cutting edge solutions that elevate revenue, profits and customer experience to the next level.

Key to successful digital transformation is digitalization of edge workflows that have remained manual even after the company implemented ERP, CRM, Core Banking and other enterprise applications. We can find examples of manual activities in the last mile areas in departments like time office, visitor gate pass, warehouse pick and pack, goods receipting, truck dispatch, attendance recording, conference room booking, help desk, and so on.

By digitalizing their edge processes, enterprises gain the next level of benefits of true digital transformation by way of streamlined operations, reduced costs and improved customer experience.

But to get there, they need to Connect EverythingTM.

Enter Unique Solutions.

We empower enterprises in their digital transformation journeys with networks that

  • Connect the shop floor, sensors, branches, overseas offices, social networks, and every far recess of the company
  • Can operate in extreme ambient conditions of temperature and dust
  • Are extremely reliable, which is critical since network outages can cripple a company’s operations in the absence of manual processes, and
  • Are extremely secure, thereby protecting applications from ever-growing attack surface presented by networks spreading farther and wider than ever before.

As a certified networking partner of HPE Aruba, Cisco, Extreme and other l eading OEMs, Unique Solutions provides a comprehensive range of unified network products and services to keep your enterprise network secure and humming along 24/7/365.

Our solutions span Campus Networking, Datacenter Networking and Small Business Networking and include the following networking solutions from leading brands:
Wireless Access points and controllers
Structured cabling
Software defined networking
Network automation, analytics and management
Our Services Include
  • LAN and WAN network design with accent on increasing agility, improving business process and reducing network management cost
  • Supply and installation of networking hardware and software
  • Implementation and configuration of programmable intent-based network infrastructure
  • Wired and wireless role based end point access control
  • Traffic management and other mundane ongoing network management activities designed to free up your teams for regulatory compliance and value-added work.


Strike The Right Tradeoff Between
Safety And Customer Experience

The hallmark of digital transformation is digitalization of edge workflows and making them available on demand on 24*7*365 basis

As the enterprise network spreads far and wide to support this bedrock of successful digital transformation, it presents an ever-expanding attack surface for hackers and malware. Widespread use of web and mobile applications combined with round-the-clock operations expose your company to attacks all the time from all corners of the planet. The increasing use of hybrid IT brings with it a host of threat vectors caused by misconfiguration and incorrect programming practices.

Enterprises need advanced security to protect their IT landscape so that bad actors don’t cripple their operations.

At the same time, you wouldn’t want overzealous security to create friction in the applications used by your employees, consumers, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

In the digital era, what you need is someone who can help you walk the tightrope between security on the one side and productivity and convenience on the other.

Enter Unique Solutions.

We partner with Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, CISCO, McAfee, Trend Micro and other leading security solutions providers to provide a wide range of next generation threat protection solutions that are geared to securing physical and virtual servers, multi-tiered architectures, private and public cloud applications and other elements of complex, modern IT infrastructures. Our highly trained and experienced network security specialists can help you detect and thwart security attacks proactively, protect digitally transformed IT infrastructure and differentiate yourselves with cutting edge technologies like Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems, Advanced Anti-Malware, and Next Gen Firewalls.

Our solutions comprise:
  • End point security e.g. securing desktop, laptop and mobile devices, antivirus software
  • Date center security e.g. firewall, network access control, regulatory compliance, identify malware and other security threat vectors, vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Application security e.g. access rights management, administration policy
  • Data security e.g. backup policy, encryption, data protection compliance
  • Site security e.g. disaster recovery site, business continuity
  • Predictive security e.g. threat database, anticipate future attacks


Deep expertise in conducting Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. See sample reports shown below.

Vulnerability Assessment Report

Penetration Testing Report

  • Improve uptime of your IT applications by lowering threats and increasing response to threat vectors
  • Reduce downtime costs
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

DC Build

Datacenter Build

According to HPE, "Transforming to modular-based data center facilities will help your service delivery, not only from your core data centers but also at the edge and for your distributed IT."

The edge comes to the center in digital transformation, especially when it comes to the datacenter design.

This means traditional data centers don’t cut it in today's digital world.

Unique Solutions provides a wide range of Vertiv SmartRow and Smart Cabinet smart racks as the basic building block of a modular datacenter. Each datacenter will include smart racks for server, storage, networking, power, UPS, cooling, access control and fire fighting elements.

Our datacenter services span the following phases and activities:

Assessment of your requirements and creation of roadmap for your project


Development of detailed blueprint of your datacenter


Construction of the agreed blueprint


Testing, training and documentation

We help you achieve higher levels of flexibility, cost containment, and a more agile data center footprint.