Remote Infrastructure Management

Increase Availability And Boost
Performance Without Breaking
The Bank

In today’s digital era, business operations and IT infrastructure solutions are more tightly intertwined than ever before. In an “Always On” digital and “Everything Amplified” social world, to deliver superior Customer Experience, you need your IT infrastructure to perform at peak efficiency and deliver optimum throughputs on a 24/7/365 basis. Accustomed to free apps working reliably all the time, customers are no longer willing to accept technical glitches from reputed companies. Even Twitter has stopped displaying its patented “Fail Whale”! Even a delay of a second or two in page loading times of your websites, apps and applications can lead to loss of business when your competitor is just a click away.

Service organizations are finding new opportunities to contribute to their company’s C-Suite agenda. Back in the day, support meant Complaints. Nowadays, a sizeable portion of support tickets involve Queries and Requests. Fulfilling them well is a low hanging fruit for the support organization to drive more revenues via cross-selling and up selling and improve customer satisfaction.

At the same time, stalling profits means infra managers are challenged to ensure high availability and leverage new opportunities with ever-tightening budgets.

Enter Remote Infrastructure Management.

Unique Solutions is the Force Multiplier for your IT Operations. Our RIM services span a wide array of Cloud, Server, Storage, Networking and Security products from leading brands like Amazon, Microsoft Azure, HPE, ARUBA, HP-UX, VM Ware, SUSE, Nutanix, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Cisco, Sophos, McAfee, Data Protector, Commvault, Veeam, etc.

Our RIM services comprise the following areas for on-premise, cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures:
  • Consulting e.g. insourcing versus outsourcing of support, dedicated versus part-time staffing
  • Administration e.g. server, storage, networking, security, operating system, RDBMS, backup, security incident management, virtualization
  • Infrastructure and user experience monitoring
  • Boost desktop user productivity with tools and microlearning inputs
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Optimization e.g. evaluate move between on-premise, cloud and hybrid IT
  • Troubleshooting e.g. break-fix or proactive
  • Provisioning infra for new projects
  • Support and Maintenance e.g. upgrades and patches for operating system

We go beyond 24x7 monitoring to provide ITIL-compliant service delivery that includes proactive problem identification and resolution. With in-built root cause analysis, our RIM team identifies and automatically fixes potential problems so that your infra performance is not impacted adversely. As a result, we reduce problem resolution times and ensure high availability of your systems.

Nature of services encompasses:
  • Proactive and reactive monitoring assistance of applications and servers by a dedicated NOC, 24/7/365
  • L1 Support during a customer’s business hours
  • L2 Technical Support (IT operations) for smooth day-to-day operations and enabling better end-customer experience
  • L3 Application Support to manage the business shifts and tailored requirements
  • Technology: Repertoire of tools to improve scalability and predictability viz. Service Desk, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Configuration Management, Release Management
  • Infrastructure: 24/7 facilities in Pune, with high speed Internet connection and power backup
Why Unique Solutions
  • Partnership approach in asset and vendor inventorying, capacity planning, and other activities
  • End-to-end visibility into service lifecycle and performance metrics via our dashboards
  • Flexibiity in working arrangements, resonating with the fundamental truth of the support domain, namely that incidents don’t come with prior appointment
  • Up to 40% reduction in cost of your infrastructure support and maintenance
  • Expanded market reach with 24/7/365 upkeep of your infrastructure
  • Extend life of your infra assets
  • Adapt industry “best practices” and “next practices”.
  • Free up your resources from vendor management and other mundane matters to focus on growth and customer experience areas like query and request handling and strategic areas like hybrid IT planning, support level definition, knowledge reuse.

SuSE Services

SuSE Services

Open Source is in the DNA of SuSE. Open means more than shared source code. It's a philosophy and approach that defines how the company develops software, works with customers and engages with communities. In short, SuSE is the OPEN open source company.
We offer the following SuSE solutions
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • SuSE Linux High Availability Clustering to power nonstop, real time, all the time computing
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP HANA and SAP Applications
  • SuSE Manager and SUSE Live Patching
  • Migration from proprietary Unix variants like AIX and Solaris to SuSE Linux, to lower cost of operations, maintenance and licenses in addition to the gain the ability to deploy x86-based hardware
  • Migration from proprietary application servers like WebSphere and WebLogic
  • Tools to allow deploying to cloud environments or SUSE OpenStack Cloud
  • SuSE Enterprise Storage
  • Container solutions to accelerate digital transformation, including choices of deployment platforms (compute, storage, networking) based on your container workload type – Docker and Kubernetes
  • Geo High Availability – Clustering across multiple geographical locations for multi location enterprises
  • Tools and libraries related to High Performance Computing (HPC)
Our SuSE services include:
  • Consulting to determine the business case
  • Design
  • Execution plans
  • Evaluation of architecture
  • Deployment
  • Configuration
  • Ongoing support including “Zero Downtime” live patching to apply patches to Linux kernel without rebooting the system, thus improving business continuity and saving costs by reducing downtimes and increasing service availability

Warranty Extension & Conversion

Keep Your Assets “In The Circle”
For As Long As Possible.

Digital transformation tends to leave a lot of old infrastructure in its wake.

Back in the day, enterprises had no choice but to consign their old desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and servers to the landfill.

That’s no longer the case.

Unique Solutions Warranty Extension and Conversion helps enterprises extend the useful life of their infrastructure, thereby enabling them to fulfil their sustainability goals.

By extending the warranty of your old infrastructure assets, we keep them “in the circle” for as long as possible.

Your old servers can be re-deployed to sandbox and development environments, which have limited performance requirements.

Our Warranty Extension and Conversion service equally well supports your current infrastructure. After their manufacturer warranty – typically 1 or 3 years – expires, we extend their useful life and keep them performing at near-peak efficiency for many more years.

Activities under Warranty Extension and Conversion include the following:
  • Break fix maintenance
  • Application of patches and fixes
  • Repair and replacement of defective parts
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Firmware updation
We provide extended warranty onsite, remotely or via a hybrid model that splits support and maintenance activities between onsite and remote locations.

HPE Datacenter Care

Extraordinary Care For Your
Critical Infrastructure.

As an enterprise embarking upon digital transformation, you have purchased high performance and robust infrastructure, got it installed, tested and operationalized.


But you know that the real digital transformation journey has just begun.

Successful digital transformation requires your infrastructure to be performant and available 24*7*365.

Unique Solutions offers HPE DATA CENTER CARE (HPE DCC) to help you in that pursuit.

HPE DCC includes a bundle of services that modernise and simplify IT operations for the data centre of the future. HPE DCC will help deliver a unified infrastructure governance experience regardless of the varying terms and conditions and SLAs of the multiple infra vendors dotting your IT landscape.

As a long-time leader in personalised support services, HPE Datacentre Care offers relationship-based support, including an assigned account support team for HPE and other technologies. When you have specific IT and business needs, advantage options for HPE Datacentre Care give you expert analysis, assistance migrating from the edge to the cloud, and specialists to assess and tune your IT – mitigating risk, managing security and staying at peak performance.

HPE DCC offers the following advantages over the standard support package offered by Unique Solutions the leading HPE Partner:
  • Bypass Level 1 and access Level 2 support directly
  • Dedicated account support team to provide single point of contact for all support and maintenance issues
  • Site visit by account support manager at agreed frequency
  • Proactively identify and recommend steps to prevent potential performance bottlenecks
  • Maintain system hygiene viz. proactive guidance regarding and timely application of firmware, updates and patches
  • Log analysis and predictive maintenance
  • Service delivery personalized to your company’s operating style.

With HPE DCC, Unique Solutions helps you focus on your business, not the day to day mundane tasks, by leaning on one partner for expert help when you need it.

HPE GreenLake Management Services

HPE GreenLake Management Services

Digital technologies like cloud, analytics, mobile and social have transformed the IT organization from one that delivers IT systems to one that provides IT services, from one that is focused on IT agility to one that fosters business agility, and from one that generates information to one that drives innovation.

Apart from the qualitative change driven by digital transformation, the sheer volume of workload on the IT organization has also exploded, thanks to digitalization of edge workflows, support for multiple devices and a massive increase in the number of users.

IT is now tasked not only with keeping the lights on but making sure that the lights glow in the right color and with the right illumination.

This has created entirely new demands on the IT organization.

Some companies have responded to it by staffing up their IT organization. But that can be time-consuming, costly and could leave little time for innovation.

Others have outsourced their IT to a partner or the cloud, thus transferring the onus of delivering the right performance to somebody else. This can simplify IT operations but it also means work is done on someone else’s terms. You lose control of compliance, privacy, latency, user experience and other critical factors of "keeping it running".

Enter HPE Adaptive Management Services with Unique Solutions.

HPE Adaptive Management Services is a new approach, a collaborative partnership, where you maintain ownership of the IT strategy and Unique Solutions / HPE experts execute operations under your control.

With HPE Adaptive Management Services, you can leverage the skills, people, and processes of HPE’s global Operations Centers to monitor and operate your infrastructure and applications. HPE Adaptive Management Services enables you to focus on strategic initiatives by allowing our team to take on routine infrastructure tasks and simplify the complexity for you.

HPE Adaptive Management Services is made up of a large catalog of services so that you can augment the IT organization’s capabilities to operate your entire data center or specific environments within it (e.g., SAP HANA® environment) or focus on certain layers of the infrastructure (e.g., storage operations). It’s your choice.

HPE Adaptive Management Services leverages HPE’s best practices for operating on-premises IT environment by delivering 24x7 Monitor, Operate, and Administration Services. The framework addresses the operational challenges through the service operations stage of the infrastructure, covering servers, storage, networking, hypervisor, backup/restore, and security, as well as middleware and applications for both HPE and selected non-HPE assets.

HPE's operations centers are available 24x7 to facilitate that efficiency is achieved by following industry standards, tools, and best practices, e.g., IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®), ISO certifications for quality (ISO 9001:2015), security (ISO 27001:2017), and business continuity (ISO 22301:2012).

  • Total control and flexibility
  • Enhance and extend IT
  • Cost saving and improved efficiency
  • Next gen capability and experience
  • Continuous improvement

SAP Basis

SAP Basis Support

Best run companies know that prolonged ignorance of warnings provided by SAP EarlyWatch Alerts will lead to system instabilities and performance degradation. Something they know they can’t afford in this digital age when systems must be available on demand 24*7*365. That said, even the best of companies may not have the bandwidth to take corrective action against all the warnings.

Enter Unique Solutions.

We combine best-in-class expertise and strong customer orientation to provide all-round BASIS support that helps you get more from your SAP landscape. By proactively monitoring all facets of your SAP landscape, we find and recommend ways to elevate the class of your SAP performance within the existing class of your infrastructure.

Geared up to maintaining high availability of your mission-critical SAP landscapes, our SAP BASIS services are rendered through a combination of onsite and remote resources.

Our SAP BASIS support includes the following calendarized and need-based services:
  • SAP BASIS Root Cause Report that identifies the root causes underlying the symptoms highlighted in SAP EarlyWatch Alert reports and recommends corrective action wherever required
  • Landscape upkeep through timely application of patches and hot packs
  • System refresh
  • Performance tuning and load balancing
  • Regular SAP housekeeping
  • Table space and database management
  • Database system security
  • SAP audit system management
  • Client maintenance including creating, refreshing and deleting clients
  • Disaster recovery planning and execution including “DR Drills”
  • Establishing SAP Solution Manager as the unified management console for large SAP landscapes

Focused on minimizing the downtime of your SAP landscape at the most optimum level of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), our SAP BASIS services are fully governed by structured ITIL processes and stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

We have executed similar engagements for many companies over the years. Some of our customers include :

Case Study

Explosives Manufacturer

  • Landscape : S4 HANA, B4 HANA, BO, DMS, PO, Solution Manager
  • Scope : SAP Basis & SUSE OS Support

Largest Fertilisers and Petrochemicals

  • SAP Landscape : SAP ECC, SAP BW, SAP EP, SAP BO , Solution Manager
  • Database : Oracle

Agricultural Chemicals Manufacturing

  • SAP Landscape : S4 HANA, Fiori, DMS, EP
  • Scope : SAP HANA DR Implementation

Resource Augmentation

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Your blog post has gone viral. Your tweet has been quoted by a top twitterati. Your Instagram post has been shared by an influencer. Demand perks up in the holiday season.

Boom! Traffic to your website doubles. Your ERP is deluged by a surge in unexpected orders.

This is both an opportunity and threat.

If you deliver, your reputation, not to mention revenues, soars.

If not, things could go downhill in a hurry.

To deliver, you need extra resources. At the same time, when profits are under pressure, you don’t have the luxury of hiring extra staff in advance and waiting for volumes to double.

Good news is, you don’t need to.

Just as virtualization technologies help you to optimize your server, storage, networking and other infrastructure building blocks, Elastic Sourcing™ from Unique Solutions helps you to optimize your staffing requirements.

With this innovative and flexible resource augmentation model, we help you ramp up your Network Operations Center and Security Operations Center capacity with resources supplied just-in-time.

Our resource skill sets span the following technologies:
  • Server: HPE, Nutanix, and other x86 and UNIX servers
  • Operating System & Hypervisors: SuSE Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, UNIX, Windows and VMware,HyperV, Nutanix, SuSE KVM
  • Security: Palo Alto, Fortinet, Sophos and other Security Solutions
  • Networking: Aruba, Cisco, Extreme Networks and other networking solutions
  • SAP: SAP Functional and Technical Skills

Our resources will work on a dedicated basis under your management, either onsite at your premises or offshore at our premises. They will observe your business hours and work in accordance with your processes, tools and work culture.

In short, our resources will be an extension of your inhouse infrastructure teams.

  • Agile staffing to capitalize on peak demands
  • On demand ramp up and ramp down
  • Flexible engagement models

SAP HANA Landscape Carepack

SAP HANA installations are beset with the twin challenge of dealing with a new tech stack and a different vendor cohort amidst acute pressures to keep their systems always on. Their CIOs need a single vendor who can provide reliable and cost-effective support for their end-to-end SAP HANA landscape so that it’s geared up for the new digitally transformed world on 24/7/365 basis. Their search ends here.

Our "SAP HANA LANDSCAPE CAREPACK"" provides a one-stop solution for keeping your SAP HANA business ready. Encompassing breakfix support and ongoing maintenance, it minimizes downtime and maximizes performance of your SAP HANA installation.


  • SuSE / RedHat Linux OS installation, restoration and ongoing configuration, finetuning etc.
  • Configuration of high availability in SuSE Enterprise Server, RedHat, VMware, and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Backup / Restore design, verification, restore testing
  • Architecting of DR / BCP landscape, full cycle of DR Drill
  • Internal audit of SAP license usage; preparation for SAP license audits


  • Single point of contact for maximizing availability of your SAP HANA landscape
  • Optimal hygiene to get immediate attention from hardware and software suppliers
  • Better housekeeping to minimize unplanned outages
  • Greater confidence to face SAP Audits
  • Peace of mind with well-tested Backup / Restore procedures and robust DR / BCP drills.

Why Unique Solutions?

  • Comprehensive expertise on server, operating system, hypervisor, storage, 10G networking, clustering / high availability, backup, DR, SAP BASIS
  • Partnerships with Aruba, Cisco, CommVault, HPE, Microsoft, Nutanix, RedHat, SuSE, Veeam, Veritas, VMware
  • Unique partnership approach. We will solve your problems without trying to stonewall you at every turn
  • Unparalleled installed base. 75 SAP customers. 25 on SAP S/4 HANA

Unique Solutions – Your IDEAL PARTNER for end-to-end support for your SAP HANA landscape.

Get One Throat To Choke for keeping your SAP S/4 HANA always on. Contact us today!

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