Leading Fertilizer Manufacturer


A leading fertilizer manufacturer was using SAP ECC for over 15 years. Since ECC was supporting the company’s growth fairly satisfactorily, there was per se no case to upgrade to SAP HANA. However, the company was notified that its infrastructure was reaching end of life very soon. This meant that staying on the same infrastructure stack was not an option. The company reached out to Unique Solutions for purchase of new infrastructure solution. Given that the infrastructure was going to be upgraded, the company wondered if it should take the opportunity to migrate its SAP to latest HANA version. However, that was not a decision to be taken in a hurry. The company appointed a Big 4 consulting firm to evaluate the business case of migrating to HANA. In parallel, it asked Unique Solutions to design a versatile infrastructure architecture with one important proviso: The proposed stack should not only provide a state-of-the-art foundation for the company’s existing SAP ECC applications but also protect its infra investments should the company decide to upgrade to SAP HANA.


This was a challenging task since the migration from SAP ECC to SAP HANA has brought about several paradigm shifts in computing, storage and networking architectures. Unique Solutions rose to the occasion. It mobilized its A-team to collaborate closely with the customer’s IT team.


Working in a true spirit of partnership, Unique Solutions delivered a new infrastructure stack that powered the company’s SAP ECC forthwith and could also be enhanced to support SAP HANA in future. Accordingly, Unique Solutions ensured that not even one building block of the supplied infrastructure would have to be scrapped during the upgrade, should it happen.