Ways to Bolster your Data Center Security

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It’s won’t be an overstatement to say, your business data is an invaluable asset. Any threat looming over the security of your Production data can cause irreparable damages. Most Enterprises as well as SME’s Centrally store humungous amount of proprietary information such as intellectual property & trade secrets, or sensitive personal information about their employees and clients. It’s imperative that this centrally stored data needs strong and robust Data Centre Security Solutions, which can deploy effective preventive mechanisms against data breaches and Cyber attacks

Here are a few pointers that can help you safeguard your Production data from corruption and unauthorized access in the Digital Space.

1. Physical Security of Data Center: While cyber attacks hog all the attention, one should not rule out the risk of physical attacks on data centers which could be equally damaging. In fact, some of biggest threats are posed by the physical access to a network. Hence, physical security should be treated with same level of seriousness as cyber security. A holistic approach encompassing key factors, ranging from location selection to authenticated access of the personnel into the data center should be considered and monitored diligently. Built-in features like CCTV cameras, DC with thicker walls, fewer windows and doors, fire protection devices etc are essential security requirements for high-risk areas that should not compromised.

2. Monitor virtual access: According to some reports, 49% of data breaches are caused due to human errors and system glitches. Hence, monitoring digital access is to avoiding unauthorized data access. One of the obvious precautionary measures to keep a check on the data center security is to review the permissions set for  users having access to your servers. Periodic permission auditing that ensures limited and delegated access can be an effective initiative towards data protection.

3. Employ functional tools to thwart intrusions: Intrusion detecting and preventive systems can act as your data security arsenal. A fool-proof data center security strategy employs adequately configured and perimeter-based security tools that can monitor and protect your network from internal & external breaches. Intrusion detection systems, IP address monitoring, and firewalls are some of the important protective tools that can detect and thwart malicious attacks, thereby ensuring safety of your data center.

4. Patch your server & update your systems: Just like a patch of fabric can cover up a defect in a pair of jeans, a computer software patch can be applied to a program/operating system to fix up an exposed flaw. It fends off attacks and protects data against various exploits including malware and viruses. The antivirus software that is extensively used across industries is just a small part in the line of defence. With innumerable vulnerabilities exposed every year, it becomes imperative to keep your systems updated, stable and safe. And, patches can rightly serve the purpose.

5. Implement Redundant data backups: Loss of data can be catastrophic for any business. To avoid getting into such a dire situation, make data recovery/ restoration solution a part of your business continuity plan. Implementing redundant data backups — both in terms of data & secondary infrastructure can save you from excessive downtime, or worse, protect you from becoming non-compliant with respective regulatory agencies. 

6. Enforce Network Segmentation: Savvy hackers can penetrate through firewalls and other security frameworks within your enterprise network and create havoc. This is the reason why many organizations are adopting a Zero Trust approach, which brings everyone under the scanner, including those inside the network perimeter. 

Network segmentation serves as a key tool in implementing a Zero Trust strategy by dividing your data network into separate components that can be accessed only by users with verified credentials. The perimeter around these isolated network segments builds an additional layer of security to prevent or at least slow down an attacker from moving laterally inside the data center, if he succeeds in breaching the perimeter defence. 

Final thoughts: Your data security is the bedrock of your business. Don’t allow any bad player to cripple down your operations by sneaking in your network.  Ensure safety of your servers, network, and other related equipment by implementing the best data center security practices as discussed above. Unique solutions can help you in this endeavour. 

We partner with leading security solution providers like Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, CISCO, McAfee, Trend Micro and more to deliver next-generation threat protection solutions. Our suite of solutions, including Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems, remote infrastructure management & advanced anti-malware software are designed to offer complete protection to physical and virtual servers, multi-tiered architectures, private and public cloud applications and other complex elements of IT infrastructures.

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