Hyper Converged Infrastructure(HCI)- Empowering Business for Future

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Organizations today are looking forward to IT solutions that can provide greater control of on-premise infrastructure along with the speed & operational efficiency of the public cloud services. Hyperconverged infrastructure perfectly fits the bill as it offers the best of both worlds. A comprehensive & modern approach to managing compute, storage, networking, and security in a single platform, HCI can help achieve optimum performance of your data center and in turn, your business.

It’s no surprise then, according to the Gartner reports, 70% of enterprises will be running some form of hyperconverged infrastructure by 2023.( https://www.crn.com/slide-shows/virtualization/gartner-s-15-hyperconverged-infrastructure-magic-quadrant-leaders).

A deeper look into hyper converged infrastructure

Every business wants to stay competitive and drive innovation and agility by ensuring their datacenters are cloud-ready. However, with traditional converged infrastructure it’s a distant dream.  Being slow and expensive to upgrade, the complicated system lacks the proficiency to meet the advanced computing requirements.

Moreover, with the advent of 5G and IoT technology (wherein, more employees are likely to access network from multiple devices & multiple locations) the traditional converged infrastructure no longer seems to be a practical solution. 

Hyperconvergence is being viewed as an excellent option that forms the core of a hybrid infrastructure and bridges the gap between traditional infrastructure and public cloud. Offering an all-purpose solution, a hyper-converged system is simple to set up and maintain, and enables you to deliver virtualized applications in minutes. 

Overcoming the challenges of managing hundreds of remote servers, storage and virtual machines, with HCI rolling out any new application to scattered sites will not be cumbersome as it used to be. Hyper-converged infrastructure platforms, which integrates compute, storage, and networking technology into one box makes it easy to quickly deploy proven information technology (IT) infrastructure.

Reasons to Consolidate on Hyper converged Infrastructure

The benefits of shifting from complex legacy infrastructure to the simplicity of hyper convergence are many, but the top reasons for which the organizations prefer the switch include ease of management, lower costs, consistent performance, a smaller datacenter footprint, greater efficiency and productivity in IT teams, and optimum infrastructure ROI.

IT quarters can deliver more value to their organizations and accommodate growth without needing to increase their staff resources.  While the application development teams gain from greater agility and faster deployment of new compute, storage, and networking resources to support various projects; the infrastructure teams benefit from having a converged platform that they can manage efficiently. 

All in all, the hyper-converged systems can help small- to medium-sized enterprises with remote offices to focus more on their revenue-driving applications & data analytics as they are saved from hassles of managing traditional infrastructure. In brief, it’s a shift from operations & maintenance to adding value to the business.

Unique Solutions 

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